UNS Launches SIPSMART to Create Integrated Students Achievement Data

UNS – Ravik Karsidi, Rector of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta launched Student Achievement Information System of UNS (SIPSMART) that can be accessed on https://sipsmart.uns.ac.id/. Ravik along with Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni, Darsono and Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni of Faculty of Engineering, Eko Pujiyanto as PIC launched officially SIPSMART, Wednesday (30/4/2018).

The system is aimed to encourage the students in attaining their achievement both in academic and non-academic fields. In the last few years, the number of student achievements especially in non-academic field within international and national level increased. During the period of 2017-2018, UNS was able to win 14 achievement at the international level and 56 achievements at the national level. There were many factors that influenced the increasing number of the students’ achievements. One of the most important factors is the management for student affairs.

SIPSMART, Student Achievement Information System of UNS

SIPSMART, Student Achievement Information System of UNS

Therefore, in order to improve the administration of student achievements, Student Affairs initiated an application for colleting the data of UNS students’ achievement. It integrates with Academic System (SIAKAD) and Single Sign On (SSO). This system is aimed to create the integration between the Student Affairs and the other data in UNS.

SIPSMART is expected to provide the administrative improvement in Student Affairs especially in managing the students’ achievement. In addition, it also triggers the students to attain more achievements and to be active in student organization, so that the achievement of their skills can be measured by the data.

The system still needs the improvement to provide more features in the future.  Thus, all of the students, staffs, lecturers, and all leaders in the faculty and university level need to work together to promote SIPSMART’s function. humas-red.uns.ac.id/Tni/Dty

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