UNS Library Holds International Seminar to Face Digital Era

UNS – Digital era raises challenges for all people to be able to adapt the rapid development of technology and science. Therefore, the Library of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta held an international seminar entitled “Digital Literacy and Library-based Creative Knowledge in the Digital Era” on Thursday (3/5/2018). This international seminar is aimed to give the insightful view to all of the librarians in Indonesia to increase their creativity that can create a library system based on creative science.

This international seminar was attended by Ravik Karsidi (Rector of UNS), Muhammad Rohmadi (Head of UNS Library), Labibah Zain (Head of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta Library and President-Elect of Special Library Association of Asia), Herman Saputro (Lecturer of FKIP UNS) as a representatitive of Fukuda Takamasa from Yamaguchi University Japan, Burwan Tilusubya from Tanzania-Africa (post graduate students of UNS), Takanobu Shina from Japan (UNS exchange student from Kokushikan University Japan), and all participants especially the librarians from Solo and other cities. In his speech, Ravik explained that the change of innovation in the era of digitalization is unpredictable so that librarians must be able to adapt to these changes.

“For librarians, there should be a re-orientation in facing the rapid development of the digital era. The librarian’s competence is really important, so that digitization must be understood by librarians. The innovation is unpredictable, so librarians must be able to adapt the change. Those who do not be able to adapt, then they will be left behind,” Ravik said.

Labibah Zain explained that there are five roles of library in the society, namely as the place that takes action in the social collaboration, as learning place and work station, as the bridge between the students and faculty staffs, as technology hubs, and as the preservation of the cultural heritages. Furthermore, Herman Saputro, who represents Fukuda Takamasa, also provided advices to answer the challenge of library innovation.

“There are six things that can increase the interest of people to visit the library, they are by modifying the room design, digital literacy room, discussion rooms, bookshelf, library café, and international networking,” Herman explained.

Rohmadi, Head of UPT Library of UNS when delivering his presentation about how librarians should face the digital era

Rohmadi, Head of UPT Library of UNS when delivering his presentation about how librarians should face the digital era

Muhammad Rohmadi added that the shift in the librarians’ roles in applying the concept of digital libraries requires them to have the managerial capabilities of digital data sources. A librarian should be able to lead the community to be smart in digital literacy so that they can avoid the hoax news.

“In the future, the existence of librarians will be measured by their abilities to connect users and digital information sources. Therefore, let us create, innovate, and continue to serve the needs of digital users in this era,” Rohmadi mentioned. humas-red.uns.ac.id/Tni/Dty

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