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UNS Voca Erudita Dominates 5th Karangturi International Choir Competition 2019

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UNS – Voca Erudita Student Choir of University of Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta representing UNS in the ‘5th Karangturi International Choir Competition 2019’ succeeded to achieve awards. The competition was held in Semarang on November 13-16, 2019.

The awards achieved by Voca Erudita are Gold Champion of Musica Sacra Category, Gold Champion in Equal Category for Voca Erudita Female Choir, Gold Medal in Equal Category for Male of Voca Erudita, and Outstanding Conductor obtained by Agata Martha Wardani of Voca Erudita Female Choir.

In the competition, Voca Erudita participated in two categories in a row which are Musica Sacra and Equal Voices. Specifically, for the category of Equal Voices, UNS Voca Erudita delegated two teams. They were Female Choir which is a female vocal group consisting of soprano and alto also Male Choir formation which is a male vocal group consisting of tenor and bass.

When asked about the composition of the teams and the songs that were performed in the competition, leader of the UNS Voca Erudita Student Choir, Muhammad Hazim Fauzi said that UNS Voca Erudita brought 60 singers as well as 3 conductors and sang a number of songs, such as Beati Mortui and Son tus Ojos.

“There were 60 singers and 3 conductors named Ardian Dika Adhyatma, Agata Martha Wardani, and Yosua Wiba Aguntar who sang some songs in the category of Musica Sacra entitled Die Himmel erzahlen die Ehre Gottes, O Sapientia, and Gloria Patri. In the category of Equal Voices, Voca Erudita Female Choir sang Sacrum, Aglepta, and Salve Regina. Meanwhile, Male Choir of Voca Erudita sang Beati Mortui, Kalejs Kala Debesis, and Son tus Ojos,” Muhammad Hazim Fauzi explained, Monday (11/18).

He added that Voca Erudita faced a big struggle in the 5th Karangturi International Choir Competition 2019 because they had to compete with a number of strong competitors, such as Student Choir of Gajah Mada University and Telkom University Choir.

“Within 3 months more or less in the practicing process, Voca Erudita’s efforts were paid. [Voca Erudita] struggled teamed up in 3 formations for the two categories, was announced to qualify the Grand Prix for the Voca Erudita and Voca Erudita Female Choir, competed with 6 other choirs selected which are Angelus Voice, Student Choir of Gajah Mada University, Gratia Choir, St. Louis High School Choir, Telkom University Choir, and St. Louis Female Choir,” he continued.

With the results successfully achieved, on behalf of Voca Erudita Student Choir, Hazim expressed his gratitude for the support of whoever had supported Voca Erudita in every single competition. He also hopes that the achievements will be a motivation for Voca Erudita to continue working in the future.

“We present all the awards to all of you who have supported us. We are nothing without you. To all those who have supported us, once again we say many thanks. Hopefully, these achievements will not be the last but our motivation to keep working and keep achieving more,” he added. Humas UNS/Yefta/Try