Welcoming Political Year 2019, UNS Holds Community Gathering

UNS – Facing the political year in 2019, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta held a community gathering “Silaturahmi Bersama” on Tuesday, (1/2/2019) in UNS Auditorium.

This event which was held at the beginning of 2019, took “Welcoming the Indonesia Transitional Political Year 2019” as the theme. The gathering was intended to strengthen the brotherhood and build the hospitable environment among the academic communities of UNS, also to prepare us for being wise in facing 2019 which is full of political issues.

Prof. Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni was invited to this event as the speaker. Nurhaeni explained three main points in her lecture. There were the movement from the use of mainstream media to social media, the effort to synergize the baby boomer generation with the generation X and Z, and the paradigm of development changing. All the points need to be deepened considering that Indonesia is currently in digitalization era.

She said that UNS would be left behind and forgotten if UNS as one of the educational institutions was unable to follow up the development of millennial generation who had been familiar with social media. Moreover, in 2019 which is full of political issues, she encouraged the entire academic communities of UNS to be able to act and think based on the truth and reality.

She delivered the statement due to the approaching election in 2019 by which people were easily judging and assuming based on subjectivity and without going through the accurate data. Whereas, the exact concept of truth should be put on based on the reality that grows in the society.

She continued that Indonesians nowadays were too easy to rely on the people who confidently spread the invalid issues to the society.

At the end of her lecture, she firmly urged the whole UNS academic communities to put forward “Smart Politic”, both in the society and in the campus in order to avoid the misleading political issues which could sway around UNS.

Prof. Ravik Karsidi, Rector of UNS, who also attended this event, expressed his views in facing the political year 2019.

Karsidi said, at the beginning of this year, the entire UNS academic community needed to be wise in responding the political year, so UNS would not be waved around.

“Do not get trapped in the perceptual logic of truth which is not based on the reality, so we won’t be plunged into the miseries,” he added.Humas-red.uns/Yef/Asl

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