UNS — Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation Affairs (Risnov), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, Prof. Kuncoro Diharjo, visited the Special Purpose Forest Area (KHDTK) Gunung Bromo, Thursday (13/01/2022) afternoon.
The visit aims to review the introductory event to the Facilities and Infrastructure for Outbound Hirope Access and Forest Cooking, organized by students of the Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FIB) UNS.

Prof. Kuncoro’s visit to KHDTK Gunung Bromo was welcomed directly by the Head of the UNS Technical Implementational Unit of Forestry Education and Training (UPT Diklathut), Dwi Priyo Ariyanto, Ph.D., and the Head of Partnership and Public Relations Division UPT Diklathut UNS, Dr. Marimin.

While observing the surrounding area of the new outbound facility, Prof. Kuncoro states that the decision to establish the outbound facility become a breakthrough for UNS to revive the tourism potential in KHDTK Gunung Bromo. “We want to maximize this potential. Hopefully, this outbound infrastructure can attract people to visit and become the means for UNS to manage this area,” said Dwi Priyo Ariyanto, Ph.D., in an interview with uns.ac.id on the sidelines of the event.

He said the introduction to the facilities and infrastructure for outbound Hirope access aims to educate the Academic Support staff and Security Units at KHDTK to understand the existing security standards. Moreover, the introduction conducted by UPT Diklathut UNS also aims to prepare the Academic Support staff and Security guard to deliver the best service and welcome the visiting tourists, both individual and group visitors. “This service is managed under the supervision of UPT Diklathut UNS as an education and training spot. The goal is to be a sustainable forest, not only for conservation or production but also for providing special benefits for the UNS Academic Community,” said Prof. Kuncoro.

Visiting KHDTK Gunung Bromo, UNS Risnov Vice-Rector Reviews Outbound and Forest Cooking Infrastructure

To uns.ac.id, he also said that the UPT Diklathut UNS is exploring partnership opportunities with numerous parties, such as the Indonesia Off-road Federation (IOF), mountain bike communities, nature-lovers club, as well as Bakorlak SAR UNS, to maximize the potential in KHDTK Gunung Bromo. Later, this area can be designed as an off-road location, forest exploration, wedding forest, and cooking forest. “We will keep going on to add more equipment to the existing location. Hopefully, the sluggish tourism sector, as a result of the pandemic situation, can be revived, especially for MSMEs around this area,” said Prof. Kuncoro.

Meanwhile, Dwi Priyo Ariyanto, Ph.D., explained that the concept of open tourism at the KHDTK Gunung Bromo would involve the local community, especially for tenants establishment. Based on uns.ac.id observations, KHDTK Gunung Bromo tenants’ preparation is adequate and ready for operation since some tree trunks have been equipped with round tables and chairs.

This facility allows visiting tourists to enjoy dishes sold by local people while enjoying the calm forest atmosphere at KHDTK Gunung Bromo. “We are trying to get everything ready in February or March before the UNS Anniversary celebration,” explained Dwi Priyo Ariyanto, Ph.D.

Visiting KHDTK Gunung Bromo, UNS Risnov Vice-Rector Reviews Outbound and Forest Cooking Infrastructure

After reviewing the infrastructure for outbound Hirope access, Prof. Kuncoro, along with Dwi Priyo Ariyanto, Ph.D., and Dr. Marimin, reviewed the cooking forest activity in the center of KHDTK Gunung Bromo. Several students from the Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, FIB UNS, were seen cooking several dishes, such as fla pudding, fried rice, and salads.

KHDTK Gunung Bromo, located in Karanganyar Regency, is a designated forest area for education and research. For its management, UNS holds the mandate from the Minister of KLHK to preserve KHDTK Gunung Bromo as a special area for education, research, and the development of science and technology. Humas UNS

Reporter: YCA Sanjaya
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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