Bienmali Kombate – Togo

Bienmali Kombate

My experience at UNS Solo is more than what I was expected before. I apply to continue my master degree in this university. Although I have not finished my master study, I have a deep desire to continue my PhD study to benefit the good education with dynamic and enthusiastic system. Teaching and learning are a shared experience here in UNS-Solo, particularly in my department (master of management). The full-time and adjunct faculty and the system of education committed to student success, academic growth and personalized attention. UNS is one of the universities that lead by example, continuing to grow their own skill sets in order to provide students with a valuable education. UNS system scholar-practitioner model allows faculty to bring real-world experiences and perspectives to class, offering a level of accessibility that is second to none. Outside the academic education, UNS respects the values of the culture, the person and integrity, with a qualified personal, dynamic and prioritize.

UNS also has International Office (IO)-student office- with a qualified and experienced staff. Its activities are serving international students that allow drawing up, insertion and orientation as well as the establishment of documents of residence for international students. Furthermore, IO also organizes international activities that give a change for international students to celebrate their culture, their national feast.

All this background that UNS provides has led student’s leaders who bring their knowledge and curiosity to everything. The connections between students and their professor are professional network which remain active and productive. That is the aim of enriching career and inspiring lifelong learning in UNS-Solo.

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