Muhridin – Uzbekistan



I came from Uzbekistan. I study English Literature in Faculty of Cultural Science of UNS. Actually I have already stayed in Solo for two years and I have never known anything about Indonesia before. However, when I was in school, I like geography. I know where the locations of all countries are, what the numbers of their population are, what the capital cities are, and some famous places in the world. Then, I got a scholarship from Indonesian government that finally drove me to Solo to study in University of Sebelas Maret. Suddenly, I love Solo. I chose English Literature because I want to learn the language. In my country, English is also needed. I also want to learn Indonesian culture. So, I hope when I come back to my country, I can deliver English, Indonesian, and its culture to Uzbekistan people.

My experiences in Solo, particularly UNS, are very cool. Of course, there are culture shocks for the first time. We have the different culture. All of the foods are spicy. Until now, I still try to adapt to the environment. But I love the people. I think all of Indonesian people are very kind. They are very friendly, always smiling. The doors are always open for visitors.

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