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Surakarta or commonly called as Solo is known as one of Indonesian cultural city keeping its traditional heritage until now. Solo has several events which holds annually. These events become the tourism attraction which enable both domestic and foreign tourists enjoy the beauty of Surakarta seen from its cultural side. Those events are as follows:

  1. Grebeg Sudiro


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    It performs Tiong Hoa arts and cultures  located in Hardjonagoro market or commonly known as Pecinan area. Historically, Grebeg Sudiro is the acculturation between two cultures which are Javanese and Chinese. Thus, in this event, there will be a cone-shaped tower that measures about 1 metre tall containing various traditional Javanese food. Another tower looks like Chinese temple or commonly called as kelenteng containing kue keranjang (Chinese traditional food). In the end of the show, the towers will be given to the visitors for free.

  2. Solo Batik Karnival


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    This annual performance presents the various Batik creation as the traditional costumes of Surakarta. This event aims to introduce Batik to the domestic and foreign tourists so that they will proudly wear Batik as the Surakarta traditional costume. This show is held along Jl. Slamet Riyadi. The visitors are also interested in the traditional music played during the show.

  3. Solo 24 Jam Menari

    Solo 24 jam menari

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    Solo 24 Jam Menari is the annual event to celebrate World Dancing Day. It shows many people dancing the traditional dances in 24hours non-stop. This event takes place in several spots in Solo, e.g. Indonesian Institute of the Arts Surakarta, Jl. Slamet Riyadi, Sriwedari Plaza, Solo Square, Solo Grand Mall, Solo Paragon, etc. The participants of this event come from Solo, other districts, and even other countries who are interested in dancing. There are more than 2500 people joining this event per year.

  4. Solo International Performing Art (SIPA)


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    SIPA is one of the annual events held in Solo. It presents both the national and international artists. It aims to preserve the world culture within its performing arts. The performers show both traditional and modern arts from all over the world. Thus, the delegation of several countries are invited to perform their countries’ uniqueness  in contemporary performances. This event that commonly held in Benteng Vastenburg always has the different theme per year.

  5. Festival Gamelan Akbar


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    This annual event presents the Javanese traditional instruments played by the professional Solo composers. It is commonly held in Benteng Vastenburg. Gamelan itself refers to the ensemble percussive Javanese traditional instruments played by several people. It is usually played in Javanese palace rituals, ceremonies, weddings and even rituals.