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Expressing Concern for Local MSMEs, UNS Student Establishes “Youth Accountant”

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UNS – In many parts of Indonesia, MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) always find difficulties to develop their business. A lot of MSMEs run their business with improper management and lack of monitoring, resulting in limited development. Moreover, they have to struggle with intense competition coming from numerous well-financed and well-educated competitors.

Witnessing those problems, Aditya Kevin Sugeng Ananto, or Kevin, an Accounting Transfer Student 2016 from Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Sebelas Maret (FEB UNS) Surakarta tried to discover a solution by establishing Youth Accountant, a start-up to help the MSMEs.

Youth Accountant focuses on providing the aid for MSMEs in terms of proper financial reporting service that will foster their financial management. It opens the opportunity to any Accounting students in FEB UNS to become their partners in aiding the MSMEs. So far, Youth Accountant has 4 MSME clients with multiple industries, restaurant, textile, technology, and design service.

Of all the aspects that MSMEs need help with, Youth Accountant chose their own specialty not without reasons.

“According to researches by multiple bodies such as The ADB and McKinsey, one of the reasons behind MSMEs struggles is due to the absence of proper financial reporting and poor human resources management. We have the capacity in financial reporting. Therefore, we will help them deal with their financial reporting through Youth Accountant,” said Kevin.

His start-up has also brought him to international stage. Together with his team mates, Rachmad Sandi A, Arifin, and Oscar Chrismadian, in February, his start-up became a finalist in Global Social Venture Competition, which competed with many social entrepreneurship start-ups from many countries in Bangkok, Thailand.

Youth Accountant

Kevin presents his start-up idea in IDE Thailand 2017, Global Social Venture Competition 2017

Aside from assisting the MSMEs, Kevin also has another reason behind the development of Youth Accountant, which is to help his fellow Accounting students to develop themselves prior to their career.

“I was once assigned to sort out applicants’ CVs to a company in Surakarta, and I discovered that a lot of them really lacked experience, both organizational and work experience. This resulted in frequent cases of a long wait before someone gets a job. Through Youth Accountant, we will provide a certificate to prove their contribution for those MSMEs, which later could enhance their negotiation skills in the labor market,” Kevin added.

Due to his impacts, Kevin is now frequently invited to become a speaker sharing and discussing about the importance of financial reporting and how to conduct proper financial reporting in MSMEs, like in Rumah Kreatif BUMN Surakarta, and even during Community Service (KKN) in Cilacap. Hopefully, his actions could give continuous positive impact not only to MSMEs, but also students and the community in general. humas-red.uns/Hfz/Eln