Institute of Development and Quality Assurance of Education or Pengambangan dan Penjaminan Mutu Pendidikan abbreviated to LPPMP is officially formed in accordance to Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Number: 82 Year 2014 dated August 20th, 2014 regarding Organization and Work Structure of Sebelas. LPPMP has some responsibilities to make coordination, execution, monitoring, and evaluation of enhancement and development activities, they are Center of Resources Development, Center of Educational System Development, Center of Information and Learning Technology Development, Center of Quality Improvement, and Center of Courses Development.

The development program of LPPMP has shown significant results of its goals, such as: a. Development System of Basic Skills of Instructional Techniques (PEKERTI) and Applied Approach (AA) (UNS lecturers who also has been trusted by outside higher educational institutions to conduct learning and instructional skills training); b. The embrio system web-based learning through E-Learning (up to now there are 1.200 subjects facilitated by E-Learning). c. The system of training, text books development and writing; The guidance to support the arrangement and implementation of College Curriculum which is based on National Qualification Framework (KKNI) both inside and outside UNS; d. The development of lecture and educational personnels proffesion, potency mapping and formulating any efforts to improve human resource competence, developing the system of guidance and counseling for the academic counselors to increase students’ level of motivation and readiness in learning process in UNS; e. The development system of quality management which is based on standard of ISO 9001:2015, monitoring of quality management implementation, the accompaniment for study programs and institutions’ accreditation, UNS evaluation agenda, accompaniment for AUN-QA certification; f. Enhancement of attitude, religious attitude and  national culture-based virtuous character through courses empowerment.

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