Living Cost

Many people consider living in Solo cheaper than anywhere else in Indonesia. The living cost is about IDR 2,000,000 (no more than USD 200) per month for one person’s living which covers housing, meals, local transportation, and other daily necessities.

Housing Options

Based on students’ preferences, there are a number of options for housing close to campus.

  1. University’s Dormitory UNS students’ dormitory is located approximately 3 km from the main campus and could be reached by public transportation. The dormitory is equipped with shared kitchens and bathrooms. The rate for the dormitory in the last academic year is about 350.000 IDR (approximately 30 USD) per month.
  2. Rent from Private Landlords
  • House for Rent

Several students rent and share one unfurnished house (although few may have simple beds and desks/chairs). This type of house typically has 2-5 rooms and shared garage, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and other facilities of the house. The rate is usually approximately 10.000.000 IDR (approximately 800 USD) per year.

  • Room for Rent

Many landlords rent a house consisting of 10 or more furnished bedrooms. Students live together in the house, usually sharing bathrooms (although now many bedrooms are equipped with a private bathroom) and kitchen. The rent period is 6 months or 12 months. The rate is usually approximately 3.000.000 IDR (approximately 250 USD) for 6 month.


The students can also easily find many kinds of small restaurant (warung makan) with cheap prices.  The avarage price for each meal about 7.500 IDR – 15.000 IDR. There are also some cafes around the campus area which have various menu both Indonesian food and Western food. The prices are vary; starting from 15.000 IDR – 30.000 IDR.


There are various transportation which are available to be taken to go to campus. You might use ojek (motorcylcle), campus bus, or just go by foot since convenient jogging track is available in all campus area. If you go by riding ojek, the price starts from 5.000 IDR depends on how far the distance that you want to reach. Meanwhile, if you take the campus bus you can just pay as a voluntary basis, but normally the students pay 1.000 IDR or 2.000 IDR.