UNSThe Professional Certification Institute (LSP) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta successfully carried out the 21st competency test. This agenda took place over three days, from Friday (15/9/2023) to Sunday (17/9/2023). The purpose of the competency test is to produce students who are competent in specific fields of expertise in accordance with the chosen certification scheme.

A total of 287 participants took part in the competency test. The test locations included the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) UNS in Kentingan, Pabelan, and Ngoresan, the Faculty of Agriculture (FP) UNS, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UNS, the Faculty of Arts and Design (FSRD), and the Self Access Terminal (SAT) at the UNS Library.

In 2023, LSP UNS received five packages with a total of 100 students. The certification schemes tested through the Job Competency Certification Implementation Grant (PSKK) include Occupational Safety and Health Expertise, Feed Quality Supervisor, Developing Strategies, Governance, Infrastructure and Risk Management Systems for Banks, and Public Policy Analysis.

BNSP Monitoring and Evaluation

LSP UNS has been entrusted by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) to conduct the PSKK Competency Test since 2022. The aim of this PSKK grant is to provide stimulus for LSPs to independently organize competency certifications and motivate prospective certification participants.

In addition to these routine activities, on Thursday (9/9/2023), LSP UNS also received a visit from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) for the Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) of the PSKK Program Grants 2023. The PSKK Monitoring and Evaluation took place in Meeting Room I of the dr. Prakoso Building. This event was attended by the Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, who also serves as the Steering Board, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ahmad Yunus, M.S.; the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and a member of the Steering Board, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samanhudi, S.P., M.Sc., IPM, ASEAN Eng.; the Chair of LSP UNS, Dr. Aniek Hindrayani, S.E., M.Sc.; and other officials. The BNSP delegation included Triyono, S.Kom., and Iqbal.

On this occasion, Dr. Aniek hopes that with the second PSKK Grant, UNS students will become more aware of the importance of competency certification. The alignment of Graduate Learning Outcomes (CPL) with the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI) is crucial for achieving student competencies.

“We hope that in the next year, the PSKK Grant will receive more packages, considering the increasing number of UNS students who need competency certification,” Dr. Aniek said.

Prof. Samanhudi briefly recounted the formation of LSP UNS. Previously, this institution was initiated by FP and FKIP. LSP UNS has now expanded to other faculties. Currently, LSP UNS has 54 schemes. He hopes that the results of the programs implemented by LSP UNS will align with the standards set by BNSP. LSP UNS is also ready to collaborate with other LSPs in the future.

Triyono, representing BNSP, welcomed what was conveyed by the Steering Board and the Chair of LSP. This Monev activity is for sharing and checking the implementation of PSKK entrusted from BNSP to the executing unit. The hope is that it will be carried out in accordance with the standard operating procedures and regulations set by BNSP.

With this monitoring and evaluation of the PSKK Grant and the 21st Competency Test, LSP UNS supports students who have completed their education at UNS to gain recognition of their competencies in their respective fields. This can enhance their ability to compete in the global job market. As per UNS’s Key Performance Indicators (IKU), LSP UNS is committed to producing competent students.

Humas UNS

Reporter: R. P. Adji

Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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