Handling Domestic Waste and Covid-19 Medical Waste, UNS Researcher Creates Pyrolysis Tools

UNS — Innovative product “Waste Pyrolysis Tool” is created by researchers from Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta. The researchers who incorporated in the Analytical Chemistry Research Group are Prof. Dr. Pranoto. M.Sc., Dr. Khoirina Dwi N, S.Si., M.Si., Dr. Dian Maruto Widjonarko, S.Si., M.Si., and Prof. Dwi Aries Himawanto.

To the uns.ac.id in his house, Prof. Pranoto states that the waste pyrolysis is motivated by the large numbers of waste production in Indonesia, reaching ten thousand tons annually. This number is likely to increase due to the Covid-19 medical waste.

The Professor in Water and Environmental Chemistry explains that the tool created a year ago is a piece of equipment to carry out waste complete combustion, known as pyrolysis. The process involves combustion without adverse side effects and solid, liquid, or gas output.

The tool can be used for various wastes, organic and inorganic substances, medical waste, and many others such as dry leaves, stalks, wood, and corncob for organic matter. Meanwhile, for the inorganic substances, plastic, styrofoam, PPE, masks, infusion bottles, and other infectious waste can also be processed using this tool.

“The tool can process organic and inorganic substances. All medical waste can be burned using this tool. Therefore, it will not contaminate the environment. However, because of the Covid-19 handling, most of the wastes are the medical waste,” Prof. Pranoto explains, Friday (26/3/20210).

Made from stainless steel material, pyrolysis is intended for household scope. However, Prof. Pranoto and the team can design a bigger tool for hospitals, Puskesmas, and clinics, that need the device. Hopefully, using this tool, the waste produced at the household level can be managed directly, thus will not be ended in the landfills. Nonetheless, the landfills in Solo currently had implemented the plasma pyrolysis system to convert waste into electricity.

“Solo produces 300 tonnes of waste daily. If this number can be reduced using this pyrolysis, then the quantity of waste ended in landfills will be decreased. The pyrolysis also uses the LPG or vehicle oil, which is cheaper,” he added.

Producing Charcoal and Oil
Not only waste management but combustion using this tool can also produce other useful materials. The waste can be transformed into charcoal (briquettes), liquid tar (asphalt), and interestingly it can also be converted into oil.

Prof. Pranoto reveals that 10 kg of waste can produce 4 liters of oil, especially from inorganic waste. However, this oil is still in the form of raw oil and not fuel oil. “At least, for now, the oil can be used for a normal stove because we have not tested the output to Bandung. Possibly it can be converted into fuel oil like ‘premium’ (t/n: type of fuel oil sold in Indonesia). If we can reach this classification, then it is a great result,” he states.

Collaboration with DUDI

Regarding their planning, Prof. Pranoto states that currently, his party is considering a partnership with Solo Technopark. This partnership is related to the support from the Business and Industrial Field (Dunia Usaha dan Dunia Industri – DUDI) for tool production and distribution.

Moreover, Prof. Pranoto was also registering for UNS Matching Fund Grants. He hopes that the campus activities can be returned to offline activities and other plans can be realized immediately.

“If the tool can be used, Alhamdulillah, we will be able to manage the waste, especially Covid-19 waste, using a practical and sustainable tool without any side-effect,” Prof. Pranoto concluded. Humas UNS

Reporter: Kaffa Hidayati
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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