UNS – The Bengawan Student Formula Team of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta received a JAMA Chairman Award in the 16th Student Formula Japan (SFJ) event held at the Ecopa Stadium, Shizuoka, Japan Tuesday-Sunday (4-9/9/2018).  Bengawan General Manager of the UNS Formula Student, Farlian said this award was the first time for Bengawan after several times participating in the Japanese Student Formula.

Only three teams from the six Indonesian tertiary educational teams that took part in the SFJ were managed to get the JAMA Awards. One of them is the UNS Bengawan Formula Student Automotive Engineers (FSAE) team. The award is only given to teams that are able to complete the entire competition without being penalized by the committee and passing the endurance.

“We are very proud to be able to get this award because it means that we can complete each stage starting from inspection to the race and the whole event well without making mistakes or deficiencies that cause points reduction,” the captain of the team said.

Farlian told how his team struggled to win the award. They tried to work and prepare the car and every requirement including documents as well as possible. They ensure everything is fine without errors and violations that cause point reductions during the event.

Agung Tri Wijayanta as UNS FSAE Advisor Lecturer felt grateful to be able to bring home the award. According to him, this achievement cannot be separated from the hard work, discipline, team work, and good accuracy of the Bengawan team. In addition, there are also prayers and support from the entire UNS academic community.

This award is expected to be an encouragement for the team to continue to be excellent. For next year’s competition, Agung said that he has developed a strategy so that he can perform better.

“For 2019, it will involve one female driver. The female driver’s ability is actually the same as that of a man. Only, women can be more careful, perfect for brake tests,” he said.

Brake condition is included as one of the assessments in the Technical Inspection stage. In order to be able to participate in Dynamic Events, each design car must undergo four tests, namely Scrutinizing, Tilt and Weight, Noise/Rain and Brake. If passed the tests, they would get 4 stickers.

Assessing overall performance, Bengawan UNS managed to get 69th out of 103 teams competing. This result makes Bengawan occupy the fourth best position from six teams from Indonesia. UNS managed to outperform the Universitas Indonesia (UI) team which is ranked 79th and the Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) which is ranked 89th.

These achievements are the result of accumulation of several categories contested. Like the technical inspection and document fields, business logic plan, design report presentation, cost report presentation, skid pad, autocross, acceleration, efficiency, and endurance.

Student Formula Japan (SFJ) is the annual competition of the Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE). In this event, the students are given the opportunity to develop object-making skills that can contribute to the expansion of the Japanese automotive industry.

This competition was held since 2003 as a public activity, so that students can truly make objects, develop skills. It is also as an exercise for those who will later play an important role in the automotive industry. humas-red.uns.ac.id/Tni/Dty

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