UNS – The two lecturers of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS): Ravik Karsidi and Agus Purwanto achieved Academic Leader Award 2018, Friday (17/8/2018). Ravik Karsidi as UNS rector as well as professor of Sociology Education was elected as the college leader and Agus Purwanto as the lecturer of Engineering Faculty (FT) received academic leader award in technology field.

There are eight recipients in Academic Leader Award 2018: Bandung Institute of Technology, Syiah Kuala University, Bina Nusantara University, University of Jember, Indonesia University of Education, University of Indonesia, and UNS.

Ravik stated that Academic Leader Award was an appreciation from the government to the lecturer and college leader. This award expected the lecturer and college leader to promote the quality of higher education in Indonesia.

“This Academic Leader Award is dedicated to all of UNS member who have concerned on UNS development toward World Class University. Moreover, this award is an acknowledgement from the public for UNS achievement,” Ravik stated.

Meanwhile, Agus Purwanto hopes this award could motivate him in doing research especially in lithium battery research.

“I hope that this award can motivate and increase my confidence and other UNS lecturers. Thank you to the entire colleague and UNS stakeholders for the help and support so that we can achieve this award,” Agus stated in the speech. humas-red.uns/Ref/Dty

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