UNS — The pandemic that runs for almost two years does not limit the creativity of the Fine Arts Program Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta students. The new students of 2021 were inspired to conduct a virtual photography exhibition “Dig More” on 27—29 November 2021 through Instagram, YouTube, and Artsteps.

Ari Kurniawan, the Chairman of the Dig More Exhibition committee, stated that the exhibition is a place to express for him and for his fellows, who expressed themselves through photography. He explained that Dig More means exploring deeper.

“This exhibition is a place to express, explore self potentials in photography, and a place to apply the course materials in Basic Photography because something that (we) studied deeper and seriously will create a greater impression. The more you dig, the more you great,” he said.

Their photography works are the form of implementation of knowledge they learned in Basic Photography class taught by Dyah Yuni K, S.Sn., M.Sn. Dyah stated that this exhibition is an output of her course and a place for students to explore their ability and potential in the photography field. She also appreciated students’ initiatives to hold Dig More Exhibition.

“This exhibition is a form of their responsibility as academic artists to the public. Hopefully, this kind of exhibition could continue, although amid the pandemic situation,” Dyah stated.

Fine Arts Students 2021 Held Virtual Photography Exhibition

The exhibition was also appreciated by the Head of Fine Arts Program FSRD UNS, Dr. Setyo Budi, M.Sn., who stated that the theme in the exhibition was very appropriate to explore students’ awareness to continue learning and exploring for their future. Dr. Setyo also appreciated that the exhibition showed photography works that are still underestimated.

“I appreciated it because what you showed is photography. People often think that photography is a practice that needs to take a picture. But photography is learning to capture the moment, capture an impression, capture something so that it doesn’t disappear. If in semester 1 you already have the awareness to capture an aesthetic moment, it is an excellent awareness,” he said.

The virtual exhibition could be visited at @digmore Instagram account, Dig More 2021 YouTube, and Artsteps website at https://linktr.ee/DigMore2021. Humas UNS

Reporter: Ida Fitriyah
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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