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Education become Social Pathology Vaccine

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SOLO – To make a body hold up against various diseases, one must enhance the body’s immunity. One of the efforts to do so is through vaccination. In social perspectives, there are three diseases having huge negative impacts. They are poverty, ignorance, and backward civilization.

Ministry of Education and Cultural Republik Indonesia (RI) Mohammad Nuh in his speech read by Rector of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Prof. Dr. Ravik Karsidi, MS in ceremony of commemoration of education day, Thursday (2/5/2013), at UNS main office yard.

Nuh explained that the effort is created to enhance the social immunities to stop the proliferation of the diseases. “Therefore, education can be a social vaccine,” he said.

Education is not only as a soccial vaccine but also to raise someone’s social status. “We need the vaccine and social elevator so we can avoid those three diseases and also raise social status,” said Nuh.

On that occasion, Nuh invited the education environment to constitute anti drop out base on the next year. He said, “We want to make sure that our children can continue their education to higher level, especially from basic education level to secondary education level.”

Nuh also invited to increase the efforts and sincerities in giving education services to the society. “In the end, let us increase our effort and sincerities in giving education services to the society. I hope that what we do in education world up to now, will be a part of our worship. Amen,” said Nuh.[]

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