UNS — Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta held a valediction ceremony for three of its professors who are entering their retirement period on Wednesday (29/9/2021). The ceremony was held online and offline as a tribute for Prof. Dr. Julianus Johny Sarungu, MS. (Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business UNS), Prof. Dr. Ir. Slamet Minardi, M.P. (Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture UNS), and Prof. Dr. Trisno Martono, M.M. (Professor at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education UNS).

The Chairman of the Board of Professors, Prof. Drs. Suranto Tjiptowibisono, M.Sc., Ph.D., in his opening remark, stated that this valediction ceremony is a vital and phenomenal moment. He also shared his profoundness for Prof. Julianus, Prof. Minardi, and Prof. Trisno’s services. “It is like we say a farewell with the ‘general of education’ in UNS who have served the (university) for 45 years,” he stated.

Prof. Jamal Wiwoho, as the Rector of UNS, also thanked the professors for their services and contributions to each faculty and UNS. “The three professor’s contributions are extraordinary. Golden marks (for the university). I appreciate what the UNS Board of Professors performed to respect the professors. And again, I congratulate the professors who enter their retirement today,” Prof. Jamal added.

Three UNS Professor Valediction Ceremony

On this occasion, each retiring professor delivered a scientific speech. Prof. Julianus delivered a speech on “Personal Values of Community Service: A Reflective Review”. Although mastering Development Economics, his speech is based on his research interest in institutional economics, and he considers that institutional crisis often occurs in developing countries, including Indonesia. The institutional crisis, Prof. Julianus added, always related to values. “But I will not talk about the collective values, because in the retirement moment, then I want to discuss personal values in by services. After retiring, I think it is vital for me to reflect my responsibility to the institution, environment, and to the Creator,” Prof. Julianus stated.

Prof. Minardi as a professor in Soil Science, delivered a speech on ‘The Use of Organic Compounds to Solve Adsorption Problems and Increasing Availability of Phosphorus (P) in Soil’. Prof. Minardi stated that he always tries to align his researches with the issues in UNS Development Master Plan (RIP) in terms of food security. Prof. Minardi chose to study phosphorus because it is an essential macronutrient needed for almost all metabolism activities in plants. Several organic compounds that are often used and could improve soil fertility are paitan plant (Tithonia), lamtoro plant, kirinyuh plant, gamal plant, and agricultural wastes such as hay and cow manure compost.

The last speech from Prof. Trisno discussed Educational Marketing Management that explains the importance of marketing management for the educational institution because educational institution needs to make sure that their products or services provide satisfaction for their customers. The competition among educational institutions also demands marketing activities to build a positive image and attract the community. “Moreover, in the disruption era, that becomes a challenge and demands adaptation,” Prof. Trisno stated. Humas UNS

Reporter: Kaffa Hidayati
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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