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Involves 28 Museums, UNS Rector Opens Museum Goes to Campus

By November 5, 2019 No Comments

UNS – Rector of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, Prof. Dr. Jamal Wiwoho symbolically opened the 4th Museum Goes to Campus (MGtC) 2019 in G.P.H. Haryo Mataram UNS Auditorium, Tuesday (10/29/2019), accompanied by Dean of UNS Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) Prof. Dr. Warto, Surakarta Police Chief AKBP Andy Rifai, and the Head of Cultural Department of Surakarta Kinkin Sultanul Hakim.

In front of the UNS leaders, guests, and students from various universities in attendance, Prof. Jamal said that the big theme of 4th MGtC this year was in line with the character of Indonesia which identical to the diversity.

“Talking about the theme, Diversity as a Dynamic of Civilization is closely related to the national character of Indonesia which has unique identity, diversity, plurality, and multiculturalism,” said Prof. Jamal.

In the launching, the Dean of UNS FIB, Prof. Dr. Warto hopes that the establishment of MGtC as one of the official agendas of the Surakarta Government could attract the interest of tourists to visit 2019 UNS MGtC.

In the execution which has entered its 4th year, MGtC was enlivened by 28 museum exhibitions from all over Indonesia, such as Cultural Museum of Cenderawasih University of Papua, Solo Museum of Nusantara’s Keris (Javanese weaponry), Jakarta National Library of Indonesia, Blitar Museum of Bung Karno, and others.

Moreover, the visitors could also play a number of traditional games provided by Solo Women Historian Community in front of the auditorium. Humas UNS/Yefta/Try