UNS — Student Association of State Administration Science Program (KMAP) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta held an online national webinar on Saturday (20/11/2021). The national webinar and fundraising have a theme of ‘Development for the Nation: MSMEs Empowerment in Achieving SDGs 2030’ and inviting Indah Kembang Lia, S.E., and Muhammad Alfied Pandan as the speakers.

In the webinar attended by more than 100 participants, Indah Kembang Lia, as MSMEs Committee in Nawacita Study Institute, delivered material on “Sustainable Development Goals: MSMEs Operations Excellence” and stated that since 2020 the United Nations have promoted in SDG Program.

As a country with a great potential of providing world food supply after Brazil and the US, Indonesia has a great opportunity to compete at the global level. Moreover, Indonesia is trusted as the Chief of G20 that could open large opportunities for MSMEs in Indonesia to export their products. However, Indah Kembang reminded that MSMEs in Indonesia should be able to solve the challenge in managing the waste produced from the production process.

“How does Indonesia create a production system with minimum waste? We could arrange it without dismantling the already developed mindset,” Indah Kembang stated.

Product development that maximizes the processing of product derivatives is claimed to be the answer to creating a balance between waste and product production. For example, spices products can be processed into jamu, flour, seasonings, cosmetics, to preservatives. If the processing of preservative products is followed by a collaboration between MSMEs and the government, the MSMEs will be able to increase the value of a product or commodity.

“MSMEs will become a center of excellence,” she added.

KMAP FISIP UNS Held Webinar to Empower MSMEs in Achieving SDGs 2030

Besides collaboration with the government, some training also could empower MSMEs’ continuous development. For example, by providing training on sustainable business operation management, business financial management, excellent products management, market analysis, and the use of technology in product marketing.

“University could contribute by providing assistance,” Indah Kembang stated.

Through the training and involvement of the government and university, Indonesia is expected to be able to improve its MSME products export while maintaining environmental protection by minimizing the production wastes. Humas UNS

Reporter: Alinda Hardiantoro
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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